Family is a source of life!

There are so many different versions of a family; it is impossible to place this title in a box. Our family is a blended family made up of quite a few different social units, yet we are still family. We also are part of a church family, and we consider our close friends to be family as well. We do not all think alike or nor do we speak alike, none the less we are family. Sometimes you get to choose your family, and sometimes you do not. But, no matter what family you find yourself a part of, it is imperative that we are life givers and bring unity to the diversity.

Our family is passionate about helping others bring life to their families by empowering them with biblical truth. God’s word is living and breathing; it has everything you need to be the light in a world where darkness emanates from every corner. We hope you will join us as we continue to allow the truth of God’s word to shine light in the darkness, and bring life to your family.


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